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Instant Fixes for Every Room in Your Home (That Won’t Cost You a Bundle!)

Instant Fixes for Every Room in Your Home (That Won’t Cost You a Bundle!)

Do you enjoy every room in your home? 

Do you feel at ease in your home after a hard day? 

Is your house your favorite place to be because it makes you happy there?

If you answered no to all the queries, you're squandering a vast opportunity to live your best life. You see, how we feel about where we wake up and go to sleep every day has a profound impact on every facet of our lives.

Instant Fixes for Every Room in Your Home (That Won’t Cost You a Bundle!)

You do not need to have a huge budget or an interior designer to make rooms you enjoy spending time in. It can be done with these 5 little fixes that require no money to apply, either. However, if you need someone with an established reputation for designing rooms, I would love to assist. 

People say that a room that's judged unattractively is the most straightforward solution to install curtains and plants! Simple and inexpensive curtain panels placed from the ceiling to the floor serve to create a cozy feel in a space, and plants literally breathe life into the area.

I recently completed a bedroom remodel for my friend, and while many changes were made in her room, we both agree that the biggest impact was the addition of curtains! They softened her whole room and finished it off beautifully.

Problem: Your room feels boring and beige.

Instant Fix: 

Many people choose to spend their money on neutral furniture rather than distinctive pieces so they can get their money's worth. Their decision is a smart move, under the circumstances. But a positive result of neutral furniture is that it wears down after a while.

Do not have a problem! Bring in color and patterns with inexpensive items, like throw pillows and vases. I also recommend finding interesting and large-scale digital art prints that cost around $5 and can be printed for roughly $20. Adding several colorful images in one room can greatly enhance the space.

For under $75, I bought these many photos and have them affixed to a large wall in our apartment to create a pleasant looking wall. That makes for an excellent investment in our home as it adds a pop of color and edification.

Problem: You like your furniture and decor items, but your room feels strange without them.

Instant Fix:

Another effortless fix to help you enjoy every room in your home is to rearrange your furniture! Oftentimes a room seems off when it doesn t flow well, and that is frequently a concern with furniture arrangement. Try out some new setup options. In addition, I strongly suggest floating the majority of your furnishings to the wall, even if it's only a few inches. If you have too many pieces of furniture in the room, take into account some of the furniture that you don't need and choose whether or not to sell it.

Problem: You're stuck with a lot of hand-me-down furniture and none of it matches.

Instant Fix:

Use high-quality paint whenever possible. Attach together the coffee table, end table and entertainment center by painting them. Even if they produce different designs, mix them with matching colors for the greatest outcome. 

The low-cost items in the IKEA catalog that I bought for my eldest daughter's bedroom did not look nor feel good next to one another, but by spraying them a solid color and stacking the bookcases on top of the dressers, it looks like it was meant to be!

Problem: Your room feels dark and depressing because it doesn't get much natural daylight.

Instant Fix: 

If your windows have screens, a speed cleaning might be in order. You may also paint your walls if that s an option, since lighter shades generally reflect more light. Also, mirrors are your friends! Add an over-sized mirror to a mantel or wall. I’ve even created a whole gallery wall of mirrors in a dark hallway before to brighten it up! Mirrors work wonders for dark spaces.

Mirrors can be expensive to purchase if you order them new, so if you're on a tight budget, head to Goodwill or ReStore and stock up. If the frame is ugly, you can always paint it inexpensively.

By identifying and addressing the issues you have in each area of your house, you will be able to choose a quick fix, which will be inexpensive and quick, but will make any room seem like new again.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed, work on one room in your home at a time. Don't consider all your rooms together! If you want to make it even easier on yourself, begin with your smallest room first. After seeing the big influence that the major fixes have on your room, you will want to continue with the rest of the rooms. Pretty soon you'll love every room in your house.

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