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9 Ways To Decorate With A Bench

9 Ways To Decorate With A Bench

If a player isn't in the game, they're said to be "on the sideline." But if you have a bench or seat on your design team, you'll never want to take it off. A bench is a versatile piece that can solve this problem and work in almost any room of your house. Here are five of my favorite uses for this underrated MVP.

1. At the end of a bed

You see a cushioned bench at the end of the bed with which you can rest a foot while untying your shoes or pulling on tights. This bench also makes for an appealing aesthetic addition to your room. 

Ideally, the top of the table should be a few inches below the finished top of the bedding (when sheets and duvets are factored in) for a pleasing play of heights. Decorate it with a couple of books and baubles, leave an old wood one untouched, or dress it only in an intriguing textile like this delicate faux-snakeskin material.

2. As a coffee table

A portable seat with no back or sides can be used to transform into a table and back again. Use a bench seat as your coffee table in a small seating arrangement, and you always have the option to push the bench to the side as an additional seat for larger gatherings.

Place some serving trays or inexpensive books on a flat, level surface to serve as a resting place for a cup or cocktail glass, or a decorative box to hide the remote.

3. At the dining table

A two-seater bench (with or without a back) has a number of uses and is often a sensible alternative to dining chairs. Couples, parents, or solo adults are able to sit together, and solo people can also spread out or share it with a friend.

For more formal affairs, move the bench seat to one side and use only dining chairs, separating the table when guests begin to feel cramped. The bench seat can also be useful if you'd like to squeeze in another person.

4. As a divider

In an open floor plan, creating small zones can help an area be a more orderly space and more efficiently utilize space. Bordering a seating area or a TV nook with a bench helps establish that zone, without creating visual walls that may cause the space to shrink. The backless bench may also be used in any location, allowing it to provide extra seating or serve as an extra table for snacks and supplies.

5. As a sofa table

At dinner, that same bench may be changed into a place to rest dining tables, guest chairs, and wrapping containers. It produces a natural centerpiece for the dinner table, and serves dual functional purposes as shelf space for decorative items and planter boxes.

6. In the foyer

Even at home, especially in a small foyer or entry, a bench with a slim profile can be quickly packed against a wall while waiting for a child or specified individual, and leave space for extra seating underneath to hang jackets and leashes.

Be certain to use a hardy material, such as leather or microsuede, so that wet umbrellas won t make the seat appear ruined.

7. Outdoors

How long it will take you to use the only outdoor-only seating in the world may be too long for you to enjoy the many benefits. If you are searching for a bench, sofa table, or foyer bench that is trans☩able, your needs will be well met. Find a comfortable bench that is made from pale wood or are cheerful plastic hues.

8. In the bathroom

A small water-resistant bench can be useful as a seat or a towel holder in a bathroom. Place it in a shower stall or tub and use it as an extra seat, or place it next to the tub to hold beverage glasses or a paperback.  If you want to reposition the floor, move the seat back to the patio.

9. As a small sofa or banquette in a tight space

Toss a few pillows over a low-back bench and you'll end up with a cushy seat in your home. Put them along a wall as you push the bench up against a wall and your installation is just about complete. Create a breakfast nook banquette, a relief space outside the bedroom, a window seat with a bench. With a seat in your decor repertoire, you stumble upon countless options, therefore you might want to sit down and contemplate them one by one.

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