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7 Big Interior Colour Trends For 2022 – And How To Use Them in Your Home

7 Big Interior Colour Trends For 2022 – And How To Use Them in Your Home

From Farrow & Ball to Dulux and Benjamin Moore, the most respected paint and colour specialists have all revealed their prospective Color of the Year 2022. The choice of color implies optimism for upcoming years and a move toward incorporating parts of wellbeing into the home.

Each individual resonates with colors in a different way, so many have gravitated towards soothing neutral colors in response to the turmoil of the pandemic, whilst others have exclaimed their environments in the world of colour.

Dulux's Bright Skies is a fresh and clean blue, Benjamin Moore chose a gentle shade of sage, whereas Farrow & Ball predicts an enjoyable rainbow, from the spicy yellow Babouche No.223 to the lively Breakfast Room Green No.81.

1. Babouche - The Sunny Yellow

Color Trends 2022 - Babouche
Brighter shades in 2022 will bring back the sense of normalcy. The warm, summery Babouche is the ideal garment to embrace this new peace. It's vivid without being garish or overbearing.

Named after the distinctive color of men's Moroccan tennis footwear, this pale yellow is also known as subdued sunlight. Although it has a strong yellow tone, it is not too bright and overpowering, making it an ideal background colour for a larger room. Ideally, choose liberal companions, such as simple line drawings, or unobtrusive light shades. For decor, opt for pieces that are less intricate.

This buttery yellow could help to brighten up a space with a limited amount of natural light, and when you are considering the color wheel, this particular shade would go well with a pale blue or a light pink red.

2. School House White - The Updated Neutral

Color Trends 2022 - School House White

"A soft, off-white shade, SchoolHouse White is designed to look like white in a shaded area. Muted, timeless, and comfortingly familiar, this shade evokes the nostalgia of old schoolhouses," says Kayleigh. Being an unassuming, grounded color, this shade of white would work harmoniously with almost any colour. Ideal for a backdrop in which to feature large-scale artworks, or even bold, statement rugs, it s difficult to leave the wrong choice with this shade of white.

This shade can also massively improve the power of Babouche if you add several 2022 colors to the pattern.

3. Bright Skies - The Hopeful Blue

Color Trends 2022 - Bright Skies

This airy and fresh tone breathes new life into any space," says Kayleigh. "It will help transform their ceilings into a surreal environment, with Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, claiming this hue makes the ceiling simply dissolve. This hue is both cheerful and light, while at the same time being relaxing, human, and fitting for a harmonious space. This choice by Dulux was influenced by the aftermath of the pandemic, drivers longing for freedom, space, and a return to nature.

4. Breakfast Room Green - The Cheerful Shade

Color Trends 2022 - Breakfast Room Green

The most cheerful of Farrow & Ball s greens is named after the east-facing suites that are suited for tasting breakfast in sunlight. This color correlates to the natural world that we welcome during times of quarantine.

Many of us devoted a great deal of our time relaxing in lockdown reconnecting with our backyards and returning to the fascination of nature. This tone works perfectly with live plants, whether artistically depicted or real, and would help promote a positive mood right in the home. Pair this tone with Stone Blue to enjoy a visual effect that is both captivatingly familiar. Due to its relaxing nature, opt for artwork that speaks to well-being.

5. Incarnadine - The Comforting Red

Color Trends 2022 - Incarnadine

Warm, rich, and oh-so-comforting, is Incarnadine. This color combines traditional red with the spirit of the leisurely Mediterranean, say Kayleigh. This shade would pair perfectly with warm woodwork and gold touches. Alternatively, angle it towards an edgy twist by pairing it with a bright white shade.

In this glossy color, heighten the present-day mood by combining it with a clear palette, or choose opulence with plenty of velvets, deep forest greens or inky blues, and classic antique furniture.

6. October Mist - The Palest Green

Color Trends 2022 - October Mist

A grey-green, October-mist shade creates a solid foundation color for the makeup of earthy palettes. Like Breakfast Room Green, this tone evokes feelings of reconnection with the outside world, and is easy to install into any home.

In a mountain lake dwelling, October Mist corresponds nicely to soft, nature-inspired tones — pale sky blues, a scorched earth red, or chalky whites. A soothing color scheme pairs October Mist with very cold greens.

7. Stone Blue - The Vintage Tone

Color Trends 2022 - Stone Blue

Classic blue hues like the Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball are not going anywhere in 2022, while Dulux's Bright Skies will continue to be a popular shade.

So called after the deep blue shade which was used in modest quantities during the 18th century, this warm and semiconducting blue can be mixed with other warm shades to produce an inviting, classic aura. Alternatively, decorate with cooler components for a modern, crisp appearance. Bonus points are awarded to players if they match this shade with alternative simple colors and patterns that signify this folk and craft connection present throughout this palette.

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