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Create a More Inviting Home (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Create a More Inviting Home (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Do you sometimes want guest company, though you wish your home weren't ready? Perhaps at some point, you felt as if your home was already ready. But now, your home feels stagnated. You've flopped on the sofa cushions too many times. The ottoman is worn and the decor is outdated. 

With all of the children's activities, the counter resembles a trash pile more than an island.

Don't even get me started on the notorious dust bunnies or the kid's bathroom. Maybe you felt confident when on top, but now, most "days" you don t. And, it paralyzes you. You choose to stay at home on your own instead of inviting others over. 

Here s the good news: Creating an inviting home is much easier than you think!

Perfection Is The Enemy

Please understand that your house isn't quite as important as you think it is when it comes to having people over. Some people choose to have a perfect house, but they are less enthusiastic about making the community they want to share. Keep in mind that having a nice house doesn't mean you will have an ideal community.

6 Ways to Create a More Inviting Home

So, these tips are simple things that you could put into action that don't call for perfection. But, they will help you get closer to your friends and family at home!

Tidy Up

The most straightforward and least expensive thing you could do to make your home comfortable is to declutter and organize your space. A cluttered space makes it difficult for you to feel relaxed at home. You may find it difficult to feel relaxed if you have lots of stuff in your home.

Some of the best spaces for clutter in a home are the kitchen countertops, the mudroom, and the entryway. To clean up the most affected areas in your property, confine yourself to just 30 minutes.

Sort, file, or discard any relevant mail, school paperwork, or receipts that you can see on the shelf in your kitchen. Place shoes, coats, or equipment in the entryway or mudroom. Gather up any family items that have triggered the rear room or are working on the floor.

If you have a little more time, you can find out the most common ways clutter creeps into your home. Identify why the clutter occurs? Quite often, clutter accumulates because the items were never assigned a specific place, they grew too big to remain in that designated spot, or displaced family members need to be taught where things should go. Once you figure out why the clutter occurs, you may put it to an end!

Don't feel like your home must be perfectly clean. Just sort out the mess so that both you and your family will have a clear place to relax.

Cover Up

Next, consider developing an appealing home (on a low budget) by covering up old furnishings that have lost their sheen. A long time ago, I bought a beautiful custom-made leather ottoman. The suede, a warm rusty brown. It was a gorgeous piece that I was excited to own. 

Each day, our cross-country move remains in place in our living room. But, you almost can't see the brown from a distance—it looks completely black! There are stains from years of baby food cups, unknown "kids" food spills, and a few popped-off buttons. Hating it certainly defeats the purpose, so there you have it.

I recently couldn't put up with this eyesore anymore. I didn't want to spend money on new furniture, so I chose a simple solution: a new neutral-colored throw, which I have laid diagonally across the ottoman. A wooden tray sits on top of it with coasters and remote controls. From old and worn to brand-new and clean.

This $50 repair gave the piece of upholstered furniture a new life. Covering up seats on upholstered furniture, like a seat or an ottoman, applies for both big and small furniture.

As a child, my parents were a little short on funds before their marriage. Throughout their engagement, they took an old garbage can and used to store all the blankets there. Then they wrapped a round piece of plywood on top and stretched an old curtain together to function as the tablecloth.

Covering up the can can make it look like a fancy table or conceal a damaged kitchen table. It's a very inexpensive and easy fix that any job can handle!

Brighten Up

Easy and inexpensive ways to warm any space accent pillows! You don't need to buy expensive furniture to make your home welcoming. Accent pillows add texture and color into a room. They can liven up an old couch, celebrate a season, and allow you to refocus your energy on a fairly old home.

When you've got fresh flowers from your own garden, they're the least expensive option for brightening a room, but grocery store varieties can last for up to 3 weeks. Zinnias last 3 weeks, lilies last 2 weeks, and sunflowers and peonies last 1 or 2 weeks.

Lastly, you can beautify an area using artwork. Lately, I ve grown passionate about ordering digital download prints from ETSY. We embellished our son s big boy s room with a brightly colored assortment of objects including a blue and orange airplane, yellow and gray digger, and red canoe.

Lighten Up

Have you ever seen string lights outside? We have them in our backyard, and I really like the lights when they're on. Just seeing them against a dark night sky takes me away from the daily grind and gives me a sense of being on vacation.

Lighting is such an important part of establishing the mood of any type of space that it should be considered the accessory of a room. Think of it as a decoration that can add sparkle, highlight a certain area, or make a space inviting.

Version lamps make a space feel cozier than bright overhead lights. Edison bulbs are well suited for creating a warm glow through a clear fixture. Small table lights make a quaint vignette adding a personal touch to a space.

Even a small flicker of a candle or a fireplace's radiance can produce an inviting environment.

Freshen Up

Scents are the fourth way to welcome guests into your home. Candles, essential oils, or the scent of baked goods all make your environment more welcoming.

Research has proven that scents can affect the way people feel. Lavender, for example, helps people calm down. Vanilla increases feelings of joy and relaxation. Cinnamon is a warm scent known to heighten mental performance.

Another thing is that scents are usually very inexpensive and can be applied to areas within minutes. So, if you are pressed for cash or time, this is a great solution to make your home feel more appealing!

Serve It Up

We identified five steps toward creating a comfortable and welcoming home so far: Tidy Up, Cover Up, Brighten Up, Lighten Up, and Freshen Up. Last, but not least, Serve it Up!

There are easy ways to be ready as a guest to make your guests feel at home. Even if you decide to reject an unexpected guest, you can still be prepared ahead of time. Having food and drinks available to share with your guests makes them feel welcome and entertained.

Hack 1: Whenever you have old bananas, make a batch of banana bread. When it's baked, slice it and wrap it in plastic wrap, then freeze it for later use. You do not have to worry about having anything to serve for last-minute visitors.

Hack 2: Fetch a tray, and prepare the Coffee Tea bar. Add several tea bags, a bowl for sugar and sweeteners, several coffee cups and stir spoons. It occupies little space, is quick to make, and sends the message that the owner invites you to stay for a while.

Hack 3: Another way to welcome guests in your home is to permit them all to use your wi-fi name and code. This reminds them of your space as mi casa es tu casa and Starbucks, encouraging guests to feel at home.

There is a connection between how we feel about our home and our willingness to invite others over.

Make Your Home Inviting Again

You don't have to implement a complete makeover of your home to make it more inviting. Most of us don't have time for that. You have the opportunity to form a positive connection!

The first step will be decluttering your home. You can cover outdated furniture by making use of throws, outdated curtains, or tablecloth covers. Adding new pillows, fresh flowers, and paintings can help make any room homey. Choosing new lamps, changing the type of light bulbs, or changing the placement of lighting can illuminate a space. If you wish to refresh your residence and make it smell inviting, use scents. Finally, a frozen banana bread bar or a tea bar can help you be prepared for any event.

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