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5 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like it Was Designed by a Professional

5 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like it Was Designed by a Professional

Creating a home interior can look challenging. It's difficult to find the ideal piece that reflects your style and makes a stance. Celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman has helped numerous Hollywood stars select statement pieces for their homes, including those of Jessica Alba, Emelio Estevez, and Virginia Madsen.

Here she shares recommendations on how to buy art and other decorative items that will enhance the look of your room.

Push Yourself to Go Bigger, Bolder

"I encourage my clients to wonder a greater distance from their regular comfort zones and what they enjoy," said the famous interior designer.

Whitman provides her customers a variety of interior decorating magazines and books to familiarise themselves with their tastes and develop new ideas. From there, she enjoys pushing the limits of her element and testing out bolder or brighter decorative pieces, like lampshades, vases, and paintings.

Make Your Room an Expression of Yourself

Kari Whitman 's interior design clientele are focused on high end home makeovers, and she's heard no reason to upend a budget when decorating a house.

"I think it's important to look inside yourself and see who you really are," said Whitman. "Do you enjoy art? Artwork, fabrics, lighting?

Creative shortcuts can have amazing outcomes even if you are on a restricted budget. You can generate your own DIY decor and flaunt your personality through them easily.

Vintage Art is Cost-efficient and Timeless

"And art is one of them," said the interior designer. "There are certain items that last, and art is one of them."

Whitman always looks for the collectibles that will hold their value after 10 years have gone by. "I always do 10 years in the future and vintage art is timeless."

Decorate Around What You Want to Keep

"I begin with whatever the homeowner would like to preserve from their prior residences because I want to make sure each thing is going to work collectively," said Kari Whitman.

Jessica Alba's estate included a few chairs and family photos that she wanted to save. It was only after you know what you would like to keep, be it a family heirloom or signature lounge piece that you can begin your search to art that'll complement the room for it.

Focus on the key pieces

"I want people to remember something after they leave a pleasant house," said Whitman. "You can walk into a nice house and everything is pleasing to the eye, but will you remember it when you go home at the end of the day?"

Designer Brooke suggests investing in a few key pieces that stand out or stir up some type of emotion.

In this downtown Los Angeles loft, Whitman displayed a photo of Debra Harry that was quite epic. "Some think it's a rock and roll piece and relate to it," she said. "Others think it is really cool because it's something new they have never seen before."

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